New market requirements have led us, since 1988, to embark on a production of castings in aluminum alloys using the technique of "gravity-casting", then used in various special fields of application:

  • Agricolture: ulleys, hubs, fans, gears for sprayers.
  • Automotive: Steering wheel hubs, pump bodies, various components.
  • publics lighting: lanterns, torches, candles, wall arms.
  • Food Services: specials for furnace
  • Industry's furniture: for marquees and awnings.
  • Railways: Special fittings for cars.
  • Environmental health sector: for sweepers and scrubber dryers.
  • Healting sector: housing and components for burners.

The current floor area of 1500 square meters is occupied, we have 9 chilling automatic movements with 6 mm machine plans. 200 x 400 mm. 1100 x 1500 all accompanied by melting furnaces.

Having a fleet stocked thus allows considerable flexibility, which can range from mergers, weighing a few grams up to about 35 kg.

It will remain always in the view to offer a complete service, the production department, besides the normal machines for cutting, deburring and sandblasting, there is also a plan for radioscopy, required to perform non-destructive testing and, better meet the demands of customers, has been joined to the traditional gravity casting the production of special die using a fully automatic machine of 400 tons.

Our organization is guided by the culture of quality and service, based on the study of the feasibility of new molds and their implementation, to produce the same mergers, routine checks on production, to any necessary machining.

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